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Tips to get a scholarship for continuation study in USA

How to get scholarship from American college or universities?
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Do you want to continuing education to college or university? Perhaps you would like to find a scholarship for your child. Further study abroad can be taken with minimal funds if we receive financial support. The source can be various, either from institutions offering scholarships, universities and companies that we are headed partner who gives attention to education.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if you accept the word "rejected" on the specific scholarship selection committee. Try be accepted in universities courses that you are headed. The opportunity to get financial support is wide open.

On this occasion you can get tips or how to acquiring a graduate scholarship (bea siswa) in the United States. One of the ways so that we might get free study graduate in America is through financial aid (financial support) of the number of scholarships, such as Fulbright, ADB Bank, our workplaces, or other scholarship programs. In Indonesia or other countries, apparently favors a number of scholarships for specific disciplines so that students from other fields tend to be more difficult to obtain the scholarship. However, I still suggest trying to follow the scholarship program selection.

You can get scholarship fromAMINEF. AMINEF is the body in charge of Fulbright scholarships. Generally, scholarship or financial support of the university can be obtained through three categories, namely fellowships, graduate research assistant, and graduate teaching assistant. Fellowship is a highly competitive scholarship and pure competition. Meanwhile, the graduate research assistant or graduate teaching assistant is a position, where we are obliged to work as a research assistant or teaching to get pocket money (stipend) from college. The ins and outs of graduate research assistant has been discussed in a blog post this. One of the advantages if we got one of the financial support, we can be freed from the obligation to pay tuition fees, other school fees, and even the cost of health insurance. Thus, it might be argued that we could free school in America if given the financial support or scholarship.
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You can also look for scholarship opportunities from other agencies, such as the Ford Foundation or you are looking for information on the Cultural Center of the United States and the U.S. embassy.

There are several outcomes the application status if applying to American colleges. First, the status is the outcomes the best applications we received and got financial support. The next status is we received no financial support. Finally, the worst status is not acceptable in our universities. Status of application received without any financial support remains a good opportunity if you have the funds for study and living expenses for at least the first year. Furthermore, you should strive to excel in the first half in order to obtain fellowships, research assistant position, or teaching assistant positions in the next semester.

Maximize your standardized test

Try to obtain the value of the standardized test (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, DAT, LSAT, or PCAT) is good. I'm just going to discuss about TOEFL and GRE course because I have not had experience in GMAT, MCAT, DAT, LSAT, and PCAT. If we apply to the engineering department, to increase the chances of obtaining financial support since the first half, we try to earn at least 600 TOEFL PBT equivalent to TOEFL IBT 100. If we apply to school business / economics, I suggest you to earn at least 640, or PBT TOEFL, IBT TOEFL minimum of 110. For additional information, friend - friends can have a greater opportunity to obtain financial support through teaching assistant position if it has a value in the TOEFL IBT speaking at least 25.

Every majors and universities in the United States have different standard priorities in evaluating score GRE. Generally, a higher priority engineering GRE quantitative score while majors literature score may be prioritize GRE verbal and analytical writing. If we apply to engineering majors, try to earn at least 780 GRE quantitative and verbal GRE at least 600. Reference score TOEFL and GRE which I mentioned earlier is very high so that we can confidently enroll in America's top universities if we have these score.

Establish good relationships with professors

The professors in American universities play a vital role in research activities and lectures. Every professor holding fund their research projects respectively. Generally, they work with a graduate student to do research there. Professor will act as mentors, while graduate student will perform lab activities and a variety of other research activities.

In return for his work, graduate student who served as a research assistant will receive financial support. Furthermore, the professors are usually also require teaching assistants to help them in college activities. Scholarships or financial support will also be given to the graduate student who became a teaching assistant. Thus, we must establish a relationship with a professor in times of registration so that we can earn financial support since the beginning of the term. Remember, if we are ignorant and do not ask for financial support at the professor is much less likely we are to get financial support.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Earned a doctoral degree online

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There are many ways to enhance a career in the world of work, business and academic. If you only have a bachelor's degree, then it is time you increase your degree to the next level, the master's degree. You can apply to a university in your town or in another city, you can even apply to top universities abroad, according to the field or majors that you want to achieve. Now more and more large companies that hire employees who hold a bachelor's and master with degrees online. So you should not hesitate to apply to a college or university that offers bachelors or master's degree program, even a doctoral degree online. Enjoy new life as a student in online school or distance learning program. 

In the digital age, a bachelor's degree from college that you have at this time for a particular career field is considered not enough to achieve a high position, unless you have a unique and extraordinary experience or special skills are not possessed by others. In the corporate world, especially large companies, and even require a master's degree to fill certain positions. Expertise is much needed in today's business competition.

Are you too busy today to go to college again? You do not need to worry because in a lot of different cities and countries college or university majors a particular open online, so you can study distance (distance learning), from the undergraduate, master's and doctoral (PhD).
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Doctorate not only in the field of technology, now a doctorate in business or in the field of management, administration, health administration, even in the field of leadership you can also achieve. The doctoral degree is usually can be achieved within 3 years or as many as 62 credits. The program is run online through the internet with time and a very flexible program. You can try to see the doctoral program at the University of Phoenix, Arizona - United States. There must be other universities conducting similar programs.

Online education or distance learning has been done for a long time in various universities even specifically open university online courses for executives, employees, employers and anyone else who may have little time because of his work, even a housewife can succeed through education online and earned a bachelor's degree, master's and even doctoral degrees.

If you want and have a strong desire, then nothing is impossible. Plug in your dreams now in the right place to achieve a better future. If you are serious about studying online, make sure you enroll in a good university or college that accredited by the relevant authorities. University or college that has obtained a certificate of accreditation from the Ministry of Education or the authorized agency is very important for you to know that you are studying at the right place.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Time management for study and work

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How to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree in the middle of a narrow time successfully?

When you've decided to set aside some of your time to study while you are still working in the office or you're running a business, then you should be able to manage your time well. Each person is given 24 hours by God the Creator. We could not have asked for additional time beyond 24 hours.

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Now in some cities there are university, college or educational institution that provides courses on weekends, or lecture in the evening, so that workers, executives and entrepreneurs get their studies to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree, even many who take online college or online university (distance learning) or online college. There are many companies that provide the opportunity, even scholarships to employees or managers and supervisors to take a master's degree with a lecture on the weekends.

If you want to succeed, you must be clever to set the time, even if you are busy with work or business. Among your work, there's time to spare, make some time to read your subject, making assignments or prepare for tests. You should be able to make a summary of the book the courses you are studying, so you are always ready at the time of the exam. The summary will help you to remember the phrase or keyword from each chapter you learn.

Ensure yourself to update the information of each course with surfing the Internet, so you understand the new issue of the courses that you are facing right now. Sometimes your teacher made exam that combines theory with actual events. Therefore, also take the time to watch the news on television, online news, newspaper article or blog. The information from the media will increase your insight.

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Happy graduation dayImage:
Focus and commitment

Before the exam or when you are given the task of making paper from your teacher, then you should have a strong commitment. Very good if you defer to enjoy entertainment such as watching a film series, hanging out in cafes, and delay your hobby activities for a while.

Your ability to manage your time will prevent you from financial loss and loss of time. Forget small pleasures to realize your bigger dream. Focus and commitment are very important to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree with excellent results, so that your career will be better in the future.

I look forward to the time when you graduate. Best wishes.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The simple solution to achieve a college degree online

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Study online is very convenient and flexible, but you have to consider several things before you apply to the university or college of your dreams. Some university online or courses require you to complete a set amount of hours of practice before you can earn your degree. If you are busy working and do not allow you to travel a lot, then you should consider an online university that has local facilities in your area or there is an agreement with a local agency so that you carry out tasks in the laboratory.

There are many online universities that allow you to transfer credits from previous college, so you could save a couple of hours of credit and cost of credit. Make sure you check this information before you sign up for a degree program.

Choosing an online university to earn a degree online can be a difficult decision, because so many options available, and so many courses as well as graduate degrees offered are very diverse and interesting. As long as you follow the guidelines above and make sure you do some research, you will find an online university degree to suit your needs. 

Make sure you register at the university or college that has been accredited by official agencies or ministries of education in the country where the university or college is registered.
If you choose an accredited online university then you will avoid unnecessary mistakes such as the risk of getting a fake degree. You try to study at a college or university in the top 10 best or at least 15 best, so your resume or CV you become better and interesting to be viewed by the company or manager when you used to apply for new jobs.

There are so many online universities that have started offering online degrees are very new. Make sure you sign up for online college or university can be trusted. Do not be tempted offer a cheap online degree, or a master degree that are too easy to achieve. The possibility of the offer made by the university or college who are not registered in official institutions or ministries of education.

Accreditation is the benchmark provided by the U.S. Department of Education, as well as in other countries such as in countries that joined the European Union. It is very important that the University has met academic standards so well that you as a student you get a proper education and inclusive.

If you are ready to study in college online, then you should have a strong commitment, passion, and not waste time on useless activities. Bright future is in your hands. With a bachelor's degree or master's degree you get, you may be able to achieve higher career, even higher salaries. All your dreams depend on yourself.

Monday, 26 November 2012

How Khan Academy Nike Training Club and SparkPeople Motivate Users Behavior

I mentioned in my post Online Systems for Behavior Change that I'm working on a very interesting project that is designed to lead to some important changes in behavior that has already had dramatic impacts.  But we want to do even better and so we are studying some parallel offerings and what they are doing relative to promoting specific behavior in their systems. 

Ultimately, we are trying to design something that will motivate users to take action that we know will have positive impact.  However, there's often this gap between what people know they should do and getting them to actually do it (and that's not just with online systems). 

I'm reviewing: Khan Academy, Nike Training Club and SparkPeople.  I've included lots of screen shots of what I'm seeing and some thoughts as I'm going through them.  I'm not claiming this is scientific in any real way.  Rather, I'm collecting some thoughts in terms of design concepts.

I would very much welcome feedback/comments on this:
  • What else have you seen or used that motivates action in online systems for behavior change?
  • What articles have you seen that talk about use of goals, badges, points, community, etc. for motivating user action?

Khan Academy

Nice walkthrough of your profile, but interestingly it didn't take me into it automatically.
Provides an interesting concept in terms of allowing users to earn points to be able to change their avatar.  Similarly, it shows you holes where badges would go.  Suggested activities with progress indicator and easy click to access.  Shows recently completed activity and rewards earned.
Tons of Badges and explanation of the badges:
Nice statistics.
I will say that I found the content presentation to be fairly standard.  It uses very familiar voice/language that makes it feel comfortable.  But there wasn't anything that special or different about it.
Practice was also not all that different and generally was very simple.  The system does have a good use of progress indicators.   And it also has very simple, consistent format.
Each practice results in rewards and clear indication of how to move on.  Uses longest streak, quick answers and total leaves (points).
Shows you how to use it in your classroom.
Teachers can setup students in the system so that they can get reports on their progress.
Can see stats easily on your class to determine how they are doing.  As a teacher, this could be a great tool to help figure out where you might want to spend more time.  The interface is really easy to understand.

Nike Training Club

This happens to be a program that my wife and daughter love.  Its very easy to get into and start using.  Choose your goal then your level.  Then your workout.
You can see pictures and videos ahead of time or while you are doing it.
Don't forget to plan your music that goes along with the workout.
During the workout, it's easy to understand what's going on.  There are voice commands that give you pointers and count down just like a trainer would.
There's a nice summary of your workout at the end.
You can automatically share your workout with friends.
The system really excels in terms of stats and rewards.


Quick call to action to sign-up.
Step 1 - setting goals
Window expanded based on entered goals to see what your planned goals turned into.  You can see the specific plan elements and easily change your goals on the same page.
Time to enter a bunch of preferences, its not clear how this impacts my experience.  Even after using the system for a while, it wasn't clear to me.  Likely it would have put me into additional teams (smaller forums - described below).
I'll be honest, its way too hard to use food trackers like this for me.  In this case, I tried typing in what I had for breakfast and it didn't come up with a reasonable choice.  What no normal Raisin Bran cereal.  It took me a bunch of tries to find that I needed to type in the brand of cereal first.  Entering the sandwich I made for lunch.  Way too much work for me personally, but I understand the value.
Same interface for tracking fitness, but so much easier to enter because there are a LOT fewer items.
Periodically you get a pop-up or other calls to action around the points.
Ugly ad right in the middle:
I won 3 points:
I'm not sure I buy this aspect of points, but I do think they've done a great job using a menu of actions along with associated points that basically motivate you to do the things that will be good for you to do on the system.  For example, posting in the forums earns you points.  Tracking each food item earns you points.  Maybe this would get me to be willing to spend the time on each item.
They also use this same approach to get you to try out additional features or refer other people.
SparkPeople makes heavy good use of streaks as a motivational tool.  These tie back to points and basically help to motivate daily use.  Of course, you get to cheat on most things by going back to previous days and entering values to keep your streaks alive.
Also can earn trophies, which I've been calling badges on other other sites.  Like the other sites, its easy to see what badges are possible and to find out what it will take to earn additional badges.  It's interesting to see that they use both badges and the central points mechanism.  I wonder if this gets lost a little.
SparkPeople does a lot of things to get people to interact with other users.  It starts with automated personal emails.
And lots of use of community.  You can see they have teams, message boards, challenges, member tips, member pages, member blogs, member success stories, and featured items.  You could easily spend a lot of time just in the community.  It also could be a bit overwhelming for first time users.  So, they have done some nice things to help first timers get started.  This is key as most users do not jump in and start communicating.
Automatically add you into a few teams.  For example, all the people who joined the same week I joined.
People somewhat automatically share aspects of what they are trying to achieve.

Design Aspects

There are some interesting common items between the systems.
  • Badges / Trophies are shown as gray until its filled in with color when you earn it.   Each makes it clear what is required to earn the item.
  • Each system offers early rewards and it steps up in complexity from there.
  • Streaks are used in Khan and SparkPeople as additional incentives.
Nike and Khan have simple, clean interfaces and a fairly limited set of actions.  The interfaces are very consistent.
Obviously, SparkPeople has somewhat thrown everything at the user, hasn't worried as much about the look of the interface, but has done a few things that stand out to me in terms of design:
  • Establish a clear goal around weight loss and possibly some other goals.  It's interesting to me that setting a goal is not much of a part of Khan or Nike.  In some ways, the broader efforts of Nike with Nike+ helps with longer term perspective.  There's an implicit goal in Khan Academy in terms of completing content.  Still there's something good about establishing a longer-term goal.  Of course, then you need to break it down into smaller goals.  That's something that SparkPeople does really well with Points.
  • Points as a central theme.  The menu of actions that have points directly tied to them is a great idea.  This is a good way to provide structured actions that tie back to the central motivational scheme.  Khan also provides points as a motivator.  Interesting, points don't really get me much in SparkPeople, but in Khan I can do simple things like changing my avatar.
  • Lots of community options and a good job drawing people into the community.  Nike does a little of this with posting to your friends about your workout.  Again, looking at Nike+ more broadly they are doing some interesting things around community.  Still the Nike Training Club is somewhat isolated.
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